by stinelisenielsen | 10:41 am

Summer shooting

It is good to have a calendar when you need to convince your self that it is actually summer in Finland. Wind, rain and cold temperatures has been the new “normal” this year, and

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by stinelisenielsen | 2:41 pm

It´s Easter and time to play with your Favourite Bunny

It´s Easter and it´s one of my favourite time of year. The sun is now strong enough to make the show go away, and the air is warmer, and you can hear birds singing.

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by stinelisenielsen | 12:06 pm

Creating a mood

Im still shooting on Grey backgrounds, well most of the time. Its more convenient and things just turn out a bit more natural, and you don’t need to change the background all the time.

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by stinelisenielsen | 8:58 pm

Why we all should love a gray background

Here is the dry gray fact – for all of us who take images in small studios should at least have one gray wall, and/or printed backgrounds simulating different textures in gray. I do not

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by stinelisenielsen | 10:20 pm

The day I had a shoot with Bobo

Its not so often I take images of animals anymore. Before I did lots of nature images and filming, but now is only domestic wildlife like Mr Bobo you see here. Every body who

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by stinelisenielsen | 1:02 am


“Groundlevel” was filming over a period of two hours, and edited and uploaded after one hour.

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by stinelisenielsen | 12:58 pm

Creating a mood with IKEA LED light

Some of you who look at the images I upload other places online might have notices that I am taking a lot of images where I only use on light and a reflector. It

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by stinelisenielsen | 4:05 pm

Holiday filming

Guess we all do it. We go some where, and we bring a camera, and we shoot and shoot, or film? When we come home from the trip, we copy it all to the

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by stinelisenielsen | 10:39 pm

What you can do with a white sheet of A4 Paper

Photography is fun, but also expensive, at least if you want to make some nice studio shots using light and backgrounds . Sometimes you get small ideas, or just need to take a good

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by stinelisenielsen | 10:18 pm

Last mushrooms this year

Today it was time for the last trip to the forest to pick mushrooms, and it was at the last minute since it was minus 2 degrees, and there was a little bit of

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