by stinelisenielsen | 12:06 pm

Im still shooting on Grey backgrounds, well most of the time. Its more convenient and things just turn out a bit more natural, and you don’t need to change the background all the time. but there are always situations where you can’t use your favourite tools to achieve your goal. 

The images in this blog post, are all shot on black background, not because I have changed my mind, but when working in a very small space, where you can not get the necessary distance between light source and background to turn the grey into black, you just have to use black to get black. 

This time I shot the image in the living room, turning day into night, and maybe get the feeling of being outdoor. The light in the lamp was added in CameraRaw, and the snow effect you see on the last image was “easily” done in PhotoShop 🙂 it did take some time. 



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