by stinelisenielsen | 10:39 pm

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPhotography is fun, but also expensive, at least if you want to make some nice studio shots using light and backgrounds . Sometimes you get small ideas, or just need to take a good shot for your blog, but where is the studio when you need to take that smashing image for your Facebook page? Often its far away from where I am, and then I most likely just forget about what I see, and go on to some thing else. I made an update a couple of days ago to my Facebook page, veil sitting in a cafe in Helsinki trying to be creative, but I was way to moody to get anything done, so a nice piece of chocolate cake …. or was it three? At least it gave me some photo ideas – or was it just to preserve a memory of a nice pOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAeaceful day, i´m not sure. No flash, no background and only the EM-5 what can you do? I asked to borrow a sheet of paper (A4) and laid it over the keyboard and upwards the screen. That gave a nice curve as an “endless” paper background in studio. Then I turned the laptop towards the window and wupti, nice result.



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