by stinelisenielsen | 10:41 am

It is good to have a calendar when you need to convince your self that it is actually summer in Finland. Wind, rain and cold temperatures has been the new “normal” this year, and it has interrupted quite a few outdoor shootings. 

(The portraits below, are all shot using Hahnel Modus 600RT Speed light, in HSS mode.) 

Some outdoor photoshoots has gone well, and that was in the beginning of June in Espoo. Lots of sunshine, and moderate wind, and lots of good possibilities around the Culture centre in Espoo, that is one of my new favourites for photoshoots in the Helsinki region. 

The light you can get on a sunny day inside the culture house is just wonderful. The white wall combined with walls of window glass, pointing in the right direction gives a wonder full light in the room. In the example below I had placed out 5 Modus 600 RT speed lights to cover most of the room so I could expose the beautiful scenery outside the panorama windows, with out blowing out highlight and at the same time move around in the room getting perfect lit portraits of the guests. 

Being able to control the all 5 flashes from the Hahnel Viper TTL remote on the camera, is a great future. To take a closeup of the glass I only used on speed light that was placed to the left, using the Viper TTL to turn the 4 other lights off, adjusting to manual mode – “click” nice lit close-up where the subject is nicely separated from the background.


3 click on the remote and I am back in TTL and all flashes ready to give correct exposure almost where ever I was in the room. No need to move people around since the light was already in place. 

You can do this with almost any kind of speed lights – except that the Modus 600RT has a battery capacity beyond any other speed lights that I have ever used. When you place your speed lights around the room, some high up on light stands, you don’t want to stop to change batteries. A very shot recycling time gives you the confident that all flashes are ready with in a few seconds after each shot. Almost no waiting time, no misfiring. It is great being able to concentrate on taking images, and not spending time worrying about the gear. 



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