by stinelisenielsen | 10:18 pm

Funnel chanterelles

Today it was time for the last trip to the forest to pick mushrooms, and it was at the last minute since it was minus 2 degrees, and there was a little bit of snow sprinkled here and there. We collected 8 liters of Funnel chanterelles in a few hours so it was a really good result. Under are some pictures from the trip, and if you were wondering about what type it is,  its Funnel chanterelles and where we picked them is a secret 🙂

It is hunting season in Finland (moose hunting) so one has to be a bit colorful dressed when walking around in the forest, so no one will mistake you for being a moose ….. how flattering …. I will send a complaint.
Stine Lise Nielsen

Funnel chanterelles


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