by stinelisenielsen | 2:41 pm

It´s Easter and it´s one of my favourite time of year. The sun is now strong enough to make the show go away, and the air is warmer, and you can hear birds singing. Great times ahead. Here are some variation done with the same setup on all of the images, same light and even the vegetables are the same. 

Hope you will enjoy the images, they were fun to do, and that is the main thing when you create food images. 

For most of my images I use a grey background as a start, so I can change colour and structure more easily as I progress with the styling and light setup, but here I was using printed backgrounds that can create great effects when you want take the images in your own small space at home. 

These images are more “lowkey” than I normally create my images. I am trying to mimic natural light in the room (this was shot after sunset). Using one flash and a reflector is a good way to start, and be sure that you can actually see the shadows that sunlight that comes through a window normally creates. 

Wish you all a happy Easter. 

Best Wishes from

Stine Lise 



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